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Karin-WEB copyKarin Verzijden

Karin is a Dutch attorney-at-law who co-founded the boutique life sciences law firm Axon Lawyers in Amsterdam. Her interest in food legislation stems from a combination of professional involvement and a personal interest in the field of food. Professionally, Karin assists companies in licensing and R&D deals focusing on the tech side of food. Karin also has specific expertise relating to novel foods, food labeling and to health and nutrition claims. She created and is still involved in the EFFL Spring and Autumn College on EU Food Law and she she speaks at numerous events on Novel Foods and Health Claims inter alia. Personally, Karin enjoys food, both as a source of health and pleasure.


Sofie-WEB copySofie van der Meulen

Sofie is a lawyer working @ the boutique life sciences law firm Axon Lawyers in Amsterdam. Sofie has gained broad experience in advice and litigation in the field of administrative law. @ Axon she combines this background with expanding knowledge of and appetite for the life sciences sector. She specializes in legal and regulatory aspects of medical technology and food. Sofie frequently lectures on issues regarding food and medical devices, was involved in the organization of the Food Law Academy and is co-author of the EU food law roadmap (Landkaart Levensmiddelenrecht) and the EU Food Law Handbook. She is a member of the Dutch Association for Food Law (NVLR) and the Dutch Association for Administrative Law (VAR).


Floris_WEB-0023194 copyFloris Kets

Floris is both a paralegal and a food scientist working at Axon Lawyers combining the knowledge on food production and hygiene practices with knowledge of national and European enforcement and safety standards. Floris graduated from both Utrecht University and Wageningen University and Research Center in Administrative Law and Food Safety Law. Floris supports clients on regulatory aspects of market access of food products in a broad sense, including supplements, botanicals and foods for special medical purposes. He can assist in pre- market approval procedures, use of ingredients, use of GMO’s and labelling requirements. In his free time Floris is a fencing trainer, plays saxophone in a big band and likes to cook from scratch.

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